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Primary Hip Replacement

Technology meets design excellence to provide the best in class solution for hip replacements. Proactive Ortho provides cutting edge solutions.

Revision Hip Replacement

Our hip revision platform aims to provide practical solutions for orthopaedic surgeons to succeed in any type of hip revision surgery. We offer a wide variety of practical solutions from straight forward to the most complex of operations.

Custom Made Implants

We support surgeons in the most complex of cases. Engineers collaborating with surgeons to come up with novel solutions for complex surgery.


Shoulder – coming soon.

Allograft and Tissue

PlusLife is also known as the Perth Bone Bank and we are proud to be the exclusive distributors for NSW & ACT. All tissue is donated and sourced from Australia with all profits put back in to research and development.

Primary Knee Replacement

The SAIPH knee has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any primary knee system on the market. 96% of patients are satisfied with their knee replacement*.

Who we are

Proactive Ortho is a medical device distributor, specialising in providing reconstructive orthopaedic solutions to Surgeons who are dedicated to improving their patients quality of life.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Proactive Ortho is committed to providing innovative products and procedures and support to enable surgeons to provide ideal solutions for every individual patient. We offer an extensive product range including large joint primary/revision implants, extremities solutions and custom made implants.

Proactive Ortho has been supporting Surgeons for 15 years with dedicated commitment to professionalism and care. Providing Surgeons with personalised support and cutting edge technology is paramount within our values.

OUR MISSION: Our Mission is to assist our customers to improve their patients’ outcomes. We partner with our suppliers to provide best in class products and service. Our values of trust, reliability and stewardship hold us in the highest regard within the medical device industry.
OUR VISION: Proactive Ortho’s vision is to continually grow as a leading company in niche orthopedic markets, offering innovative, tailored solutions and support for forward thinking Surgeons who want the best result for their patients.

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Shoulder Replacements

Hip Replacements

Knee Replacement

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